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Singapore's seniors may stay active with vertical farming

Encouraging urban farming is one idea for nurturing healthy senior living in Singapore. (Spark Architects)

Singapore has two pressing needs: a stable food supply and retirement options for an aging population. Why not tackle both challenges together?

Christa Avampato writes for Seedstock that the city-state known for creative urban thinking hopes to create “a senior living environment based on the hanging gardens of Babylon.”

The “Home Farm” concept is the vision of Spark Architects, an international firm with offices in Singapore. Gardening would allow seniors to be active and socialize while helping the city produce food. The “vertical farm” would use space-saving techniques so it can squeeze into an urban area. It would grow up to 35 tons of produce each year, generating an estimated $6 million annually in sales.

By 2030, a fifth of Singapore’s population will be 65 or older, says the article on the website for Seedstock, a consulting service. Short on agricultural land, the tiny island nation “faces food security issues driven by threats to supply and sudden spikes in prices,” Avampato writes. 


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