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Singapore’s e-waste bins spare electronics from landfills

Singapore's 180 e-waste bins are credited with keeping 23 tons of electronics out of landfills since last year. (Kayo/

In Singapore, it’s easy for residents to recycle unwanted electronics. Vaidehi Shah reports for that about 180 e-waste bins are spread across the city-state.

The receptacles are credited with preventing an estimated 23 tons of gadgets from ending up in landfills over a 12-month period. Electronic devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones are comprised of material that can harm the environnent.

Renew, the recycling program, is spearheaded by three companies: the telecom provider Starhub and e-waste firm TES-AMM (both based in Singapore), and DHL Express. They placed 150 bins around the island nation last year, the article says. During an earlier recycling effort, Starhub distributed 30 bins.

Laptops, tablets, computer accessories and remote controls are among the jettisoned items. Cables are recycled most frequently. Tan Tong Hai, chief executive officer at Starhub, tells Shah that the initiative could eventually be fully funded with recycling proceeds. Plans call for more bins in public places and an improved design to entice more drop offs. Click here to learn more about e-waste.


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