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‘Robin Hood Army’ fights hunger in India, Pakistan cities

Dressed in green, 1,000 volunteers collect food and blankets to donate to the poor in impoverished neighborhoods. (Robin Hood Army)

In eighteen cities across India and Pakistan, real-life Robin Hoods take from the rich and give to the poor. Tanaya Singh reports for The Better India that a group of 1,000 volunteers inspired by the mythical storybook outlaw deliver food and blankets to the downtrodden.

On weekends, the volunteers — dressed in Robin Hood’s signature green — make the rounds to slums, orphanages and old-age homes, the article says. The Robin Hood Army (RHA) was founded in Delhi last year by six young visionaries. They had an audacious dream: to collect leftovers from local restaurants and wedding caterers and give it to the poor.

This movement already quickly expanded to Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities in India and neighboring Pakistan, including Karachi, Singh writes. Some cities have multiple chapters. Delhi has seven, Mumbai nine. Unlike the original Robin Hood, this version is high tech. The army uses social media sites such as Whats App and Facebook to organize volunteer efforts. 

The Better India

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