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This police cruiser goes 245 mph

Abu Dhabi's newest police car is designed for high-speed chases. (eGarage/Drew Larrigan)

Outlaws can run from Abu Dhabi’s newest police cruiser — but not for long.

Mark Prigg reports for the Daily Mail that the souped-up police vehicle reaches a top speed of 245 mph (394 km/h). It revs up to highway speeds in under three seconds.

The Lykan HyperSport is optimized for high-speed chases. The car features facial recognition cameras that can identify drivers of other vehicles and record license plates even at high speeds, the article says. Coordinates on the locations of suspect drivers are instantly transmitted to a command center. The squad car also is equipped with technology that monitors traffic and scans for stolen vehicles, Prigg notes.

Located in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi and its sister city, Dubai, are famous for their lavish architecture and luxury vehicles. But both cities also are early adopters of technology and innovations that could prove useful in other urban settings. The research team that designed the Robocop touts it as the police car of the future — although the US$ 3.4-million price tag makes that unlikely. 

Daily Mail

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