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Oregon city pilots app for praising municipal workers

When citizens are irate about municipal employees, angry phone calls to bosses and scathing social media posts sometimes follow. But where should people turn to praise city workers?

Mary Ellen McIntire reports for Governing that a small city in the United States is the first to pilot a smartphone app that offers a solution.

Albany, Oregon, population 50,000, is testing Goodsnitch. The app lets users instantly provide praise and constructive feedback. “Positive comments made through the app are public, while criticisms are shared privately,” the article notes.

Albany Mayor Sharon Konopa tells Governing that the app boosts morale for the city’s workforce and helps balance any negative sentiment. It also enables municipal officials to respond more quickly to issues that arise. In the first year of testing, that app registered more than 3,000 “snitches.”

The startup that created Goodsnitch charges companies and businesses to use it, but provides it free to cities. Goodsnitch founder Rob Pace is discussing partnerships with other mayors, the article says. 


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