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Modi’s light-bulb moment for India’s cities

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi (left) is championing a plan to install LED bulbs in homes and street lamps in 100 cities across India by May 2016. (Narendra Modi photo)

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a bright idea for his nation’s cities. Manu Balachandran reports for Quartz that Modi is spearheading an effort to replace conventional light bulbs with energy-efficient LED versions.

Among the government’s key goals is a plan to switch all street lamps in 100 cities to LED technology by May 2016, the article says. Modi also is encouraging homeowners to use the newer, energy-sipping bulbs. “These lamps, the government believes, can save 100 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually if they replace some 770 million conventional bulbs that India purchases annually,” Balachandran writes.

The article notes that the National Programme for LED-based Home and Street Lighting, launched in January, is beginning to showing results. Increased production in India of LED lamps has resulted in steep cost reductions. An LED bulb now can be purchased for the equivalent of about US$1.50, less than a sixth of the price just a year ago.


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