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‘Mist cannons’ deployed in China’s war on urban smog

A 'mist cannon' works along a street in Changsha, in China's Hunan province. (REUTERS/Stringer/LANDOV)

China’s battle against urban air pollution has spawned a new weapon of war.

May Shi reports for Quartz some municipal governments are using “mist cannons” in a desperate attempt to clean foul air. The machines spray liquid that combines with harmful particles to form water droplets that fall harmlessly to the ground.

Guigang in Guangxi province; Changsha and Zhuzhou in Hunan province; and cities in Shandong and Shanxi provinces and Inner Mongolia are using the technology, the article says.

A Hunan-based mining safety company that makes dust control machines for industrial use now offers a version for cities. There are stationary and portable models, with the latter mounted on the roofs of moving vehicles. Some dangerous particulates are so tiny that the mist cannons have no effect. “The company admits the new machine can’t catch everything, but says it’s still effective,” Shi writes. 


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