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London mayor greenlights electric vehicle strategy

The London Fire Brigade is already planning to replace nearly five-dozen of its support vehicles with hybrid alternatives by next year, and is looking at doing the same with its engines. (London Fire Brigade)

London Mayor Boris Johnson wants his city to be synonymous with low-emissions vehicles. Doug Bolton reports for the Independent that the mayor has launched a comprehensive plan to make London the EV capital of Europe.

Among the proposals: increase the number of electric-car recharging stations and reduce the congestion-pricing discount already applied to ultra-low-emission vehicles, or ULEVs. The mayor also would incentivize taxi drivers with cabs older than 10 years to switch to electric power.

“The plans could even lead to the introduction of preferential access and lower parking charges for ULEV vehicles in some parts of London,” according to the Independent.

The article notes that the announcement comes as the London Fire Brigade prepares to replace 57 of its support vehicles next year with hybrid electric versions. The brigade also is exploring switching to low-emission fire engines. London has already begun to introduce hybrid electric-diesel Routemaster double-decker buses in a first step toward a wider fleet overhaul.


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