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Jakarta ‘participatory budget’ gives voice to citizens who know about it

Citizens in Jakarta have a say over how some city funds are spent but few know of the program. (Wara1982/

In Jakarta, the municipal budget reflects citizen input. Ramda Yanurzha writes for GovInsider that the Indonesian capital has implemented a “participatory budget” that gives everyday citizens a voice.

On the plus side, residents who propose projects for their neighborhoods can weigh in during the entire budgeting process. On the downside, he laments, the process has been faulted for lacking openness and transparency.

An open data portal launched in 2009 that features detailed information about civic projects in Jakarta is a step in the right direction, the author says. But when he recently sought to navigate the site, he found that some data sets were displayed in a confusing manner.

Many Jakarta residents are unaware that they can guide budgetary decisions and would be clueless about how to participate, Yanurzha says. He was previously a research assistant with the World Bank working on Indonesia’s open data project. For those citizens brave enough to wade through bureaucracy, they can impact final decisions on how municipal spending is allocated. 


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