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Dubai’s Car Free Day: Leave the Ferrari home

Dubai hopes to remove 7,000 vehicles from its roads on February 4, the city’s annual Car Free Day. (slava296 /

Maserati. Bentley. Ferrari. Porsche. Range Rover. Rolls Royce. Lamborghini. In a city obsessed with exotic luxury vehicles, is it possible to convince people to take public transit?

Laurie Balbo reports for Green Prophet that Dubai’s Annual Car Free Day is making inroads at promoting the city’s metro, buses and walking options.

The first Car-Free Day in 2010 removed 1,000 vehicles from the roads, reducing vehicle emissions by three tons. This year, the city hopes to sideline 7,000 cars on February 4, eliminating 20 tons of emissions.

While car-crazed Dubai probably won’t win walkability awards anytime soon, there are encouraging signs. The city boasts the world’s “longest fully automated metro network,” at 47 miles (76 kilometers), the article says. Buses serve as shuttles between tourist sites and the city’s famous climate-controlled malls provide ample strolling opportunities.

Green Prophet

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