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Delhi to launch free citywide Wi-Fi access

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke during the launch of 'Digital India Week' in July. The city of Delhi is embarking on a project to provide free citywide Wi-Fi service. (HARISH TYAGI/EPA/LANDOV)

Delhi’s proposal for free citywide Wi-Fi is attracting interest from Google and other leading tech icons. Akshay Deshmane reports for India’s Economic Times that Google, Facebook, Cisco, Vodafone and Ericsson, among other companies, have huddled with municipal officials about participating.

India’s capital is exploring free wireless Internet connectivity as mobile phone use skyrockets in a nation where many urban dwellers have never been tethered to hard-wired phone lines. Wireless is viewed as a way to leapfrog gaps in telecommunications infrastructure. Delhi would join San Francisco, Stockholm and Shanghai in offering municipal-delivered Wi-Fi, the article says.

Tech companies see enormous potential to reach deeper into the vast Indian market and help the nation overcome its digital divide, Deshmane writes. They also hope to position Delhi as a model for deploying Wi-Fi in other cities in India and elsewhere.

Economic Times

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