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Dangerously polluted Delhi bans older diesel vehicles

Diesel-fueled cars and trucks more than ten years old are no longer welcome in the Indian capital. (paul prescott/

Plagued by severe air pollution, Delhi has adopted a ban on diesel vehicles that are more than a decade old. The Indian Express reports that diesel is the main contributor to deteriorating air quality in India’s capital. “Diesel fumes cause damage to the lungs, brain and can cause even cancer,” the article warns.

Air quality is so foul in India’s capital that some residents are advised to leave the city to improve their health. In recent months, alarming news reports have suggested that cities in India have filthier air than places in China. Delhi has earned the dubious distinction as the world’s most polluted metropolis.

In a sign that the city is prepared to get tough on violators, NDTV reports that 263 vehicles already have been impounded for violating the directive. The prohibition was adopted by the National Green Tribunal, India’s environmental protection agency. The Express article, authored by the Press Trust of India, notes that Brazil, China and Denmark have or will institute similar bans. Delhi also hopes to convert its compressed-natural gas rickshaws to battery power.

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