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Copenhagen to install “intelligent” traffic system

Information relayed from drivers’ smartphones would enable sensors to adjust street lights in real-time in response to changing weather and traffic condition. (Tony Webster/flickr/cc)

Copenhagen is giving the green light to buses and cyclists. The Local Denmark reports that the Danish capital will spend 60 million kroner ($9.1 million U. S.) on a “smart traffic system” designed to speed up the flow on city streets. Buses running late and cyclists caught in rainstorms could receive longer green lights, the article says.

Drivers and bicyclists would relay anonymous information to sensors along roadways, allowing the intelligent traffic system to adjust in real-time to congestion and weather. The technology also would be used to ease jams following concerts or sporting events. 

The system will be installed in Copenhagen’s center. If successful, it could be extended citywide for another 250 million kroner ($38 million U. S.), The Local Denmark reports. Recent tests indicate that travel time in parts of Cophenagen could be reduced up to 30 percent.

The Local Denmark

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