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Competition seeks remedies for Jakarta’s congestion

Gridlock in Jakarta. (VasenkaPhotography/flickr/cc)

The traffic is so severe in Jakarta that some observers fear the worst: permanent gridlock on the city’s roads. The New Cities Foundation and Connect4Climate have responded with the Jakarta Urban Challenge. The contest will award US$20,000 for the best ideas on alleviating congestion.

The competition seeks strategies to increase traffic flow, reduce emissions and air pollution, and enhance the safety of drivers and pedestrians. In an effort to engage young citizens — who are inheriting the traffic mess — the competition is only open to Indonesians ages 18 to 35. They can submit ideas on their own or in teams of up to five.

Finalists will be announced May 26. They’ll present their ideas to judges from June 9 to 11 at the New Cities Summit in Jakarta. The winner will receive US$10,000 toward implementation of their project. Second place will receive US$6,000 and third place US$4,000.

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