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Cities urged to provide social services for slum dwellers

Children in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. (DAI KUROKAWA/EPA/Landov)

Slum dwellers across the Global South and beyond have needs that exceed the basics such as clean drinking water and shelter. Keith Hansen blogs for the World Bank that they also require social safety nets.

“We need to begin a conversation about the role of social protection for people living in urban areas,” he writes. Social services such as family counseling, job training and other types of mentoring are among the forms of assistance that cities can offer, the article says.  

Policymakers from 75 countries recently gathered in Beijing for the 2015 South-South Learning Forum to share ideas for social protection in cities. It was the first global conclave focused on the topic, Hansen notes. He points to social services programs in China, Mexico and Ethiopia that could serve as models for cities elsewhere. In Mexico, for example, mothers receive stipends to encourage them to send their children to school and bring them to health clinics.

World Bank

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