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‘CEO-mayors’ to run 24 cities along Delhi-Mumbai corridor

A huge new industrial corridor in India would create 24 new cities from Delhi to Mumbai.

Two dozen cities are to be built in India as part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, the world’s largest infrastructure project. Raksha Kumar reports for that all of the cities would be run by “CEO-mayors.” Seven are to be ready by 2019.

Ninety percent of the US$100 billion price tag would be covered by the private sector — and that has critics worried. To accommodate the business community, each city would be governed by unelected bureaucrats and executives. “This could mean a CEO-mayor with specified powers would be in charge of each city,” Kumar writes.

The project is modeled after the Tokyo-Osaka industrial corridor. India’s version is spearheaded by Delhi in collaboration with Japan and corporate partners, including Cisco. Also planned are 23 industrial hubs, six airports, a freight-rail line, two ports and a six-lane highway.

Goods that now take up to two weeks to be shipped could be transported in a day, the article says. The industrial centers would sustain the freight line while the new cities would ensure ample consumers. More cities also are needed, the developers say, to house the 350 million Indians expected to migrate into the nation’s urban areas by 2022. 


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