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Buenos Aires leads on innovative approaches to education

Esteban Bullrich, minister of education for Buenos Aires, is leading an overhaul of the city's education system. (City of Buenos Aires)

Internet-enabled laptops for students. Higher salaries for teachers. Ninety-percent enrollment of three-to-five year olds in early childhood education. These are among the ways that public education is being overhauled in Buenos Aires, Gabriel Zinny writes for the Brookings Institution.

The effort, now in its fifth year, is led by Esteban Bullrich, the city’s minister of education, with the support of Mayor Mauricio Macri, now a presidential candidate. In a sign of progress, test scores are up. By allowing high schoolers to study career options at a younger age, Bullrich is hopeful that the dropout rate will decrease.

The overhaul introduced mandatory evaluations of teachers, students and administrators, as well as on-the-job training for teachers, the article says. Schools now remain open later and on Saturdays. “The mayor believes that improving education is key to improving the city’s standard of living, and to promote the city as a knowledge-economy hub,” Bullrich said during a recent appearance at Brookings in Washington, D. C.

Brookings Institution

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