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Billboards double as homeless beds in Pakistani cities

The "billbed," a billboard that converts into a bed, has now made some 150 appearances in urban areas across Pakistan. (BBDO Pakistan)

Homelessness is a sign of the times. And so is the Billbed — a billboard in nine Pakistani cities that converts into a makeshift bed. Katerina Ryabets reports for The Pop-Up City that Molty Foam, a leading Pakistani mattress brand, and the advertising firm BBDO Pakistan teamed on this unique experiment in socially conscious marketing.

During the day, the Billbed resembles a conventional billboard. At night, the sign is easily converted into a comfortable mattress for migrant workers or others without shelter. It’s cushiony because it’s made of mattress material. According to the article, 150 of the specially designed billboards are available in urban areas. In recognition of the creative design, the ad agency last month received a 2015 Cannes Lions award.

The Pop-Up City

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