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Barge grows food on water for congested cities

The “Jellyfish Barge” being designed in Italy offers an inexpensive way for crowded cities to grow crops on waterways. (

How do congested cities short on agricultural land raise crops? One possible answer may be this low-cost barge that grows produce without external power or soil, Adele Peters reports for Fast Company.

The “Jellyfish Barge” floats on rivers and bays, is easily expandable and uses water around it for irrigation. Polluted waterways do not pose a problem since filters remove any toxins. Hydroponic technology allows for minimal water use.

The barge is being designed by researchers from the University of Florence in Italy and Studiomobile, an architectural firm based in Treviso, the article says.  A prototype is being tested in a canal between the cities of Pisa and Livorno, Italy, in advance of full-scale production, Peters notes. 

Fast Company

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