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Bangladesh slum population up 60 percent since 1997

Children in Kallyanpur, one of the urban slums in Dhaka, Bangladesh. (UN Photo/Kibae Park)

Here’s some data that underscores the enormity of the challenges faced by developing cities. reports that the number of slum dwellers in Dhaka and other Bangladeshi urban centers has increased more than 60 percent since 1997. 

According to just-published data, an estimated 2.23 million live in slums nationwide. The statistic is culled from a 2014 census conducted by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. A 1997 census found that 1.39 million Bangladeshis lived in slums.

The increase means additional strains on already inadequate infrastructure and public services — and a greater risk of calamity in the event of flooding, storms or other disasters. Dhaka, among the world’s most crowded and impoverished cities, is home to more than a million slum dwellers, says. Chittagong is second with nearly 636,000. 

The total population of Bangladesh is close to 160 million.


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