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Sydney implements green roofs and walls strategy

Sydney's One Central Park includes vertical gardens and a heliostat to direct natural light to public spaces. (Rob Deutscher/flickr/cc)

Sydney is the first city in Australia to launch a policy that encourages green roofs and walls.

Angela Fedele reports for Sourceable that the strategy, adopted in late June, is part of the broader Sustainable Sydney 2030 initiative. The City of Sydney emphasizes that the benefits of green roofs and walls go well beyond fresher air. Pluses also include building insulation, noise reduction, aesthetics and biodiversity.

According to the policy, available here, vegetation must cover at least 30 percent of a roof to qualify under the program. Green walls can be freestanding or attached to buildings and may include plants that grow on walls or are affixed to them. The city will promote green roofs and walls citywide and nationally through outreach, training and the provision of technical resources.

Sourceable notes that Sydney presently has 58 green roofs and 28 green walls with another 50 green roofs on the way. The city is going green in other ways. Last year, Sydney set an ambitious goal of 100 percent reliance on renewable energy to meet electricity needs by 2030.


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