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Solar panels for 800 Beijing schools

The "Sunshine Schools" initiative is expected to generate 100 megawatts of power from school rooftops in Beijing. (ZHOU LIANG/Xinhua /Landov)

One of the world’s most polluted cities is proving to be a trailblazer on renewable energy. According to the World Bank, Beijing is installing solar panels on the roofs of 800 primary and middle schools. The “Sunshine Schools” initiative, the largest of its kind in China, is expected to generate a total of 100 megawatts of power.

Beyond helping educational institutions meet their electricity needs, the program raises awareness among youngsters about the importance of clean energy. Schools can even sell excess energy when facilities are closed during holidays and vacation periods.

China also is home to the world’s greenest school. Located in Hong Kong, Sing Yin Secondary School is powered by a combination of solar panels and wind turbines and even boasts a rooftop garden. 

World Bank

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