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Singapore looks to Copenhagen for urban inspiration

Singapore finds much to admire in Copenhagen's approach to pedestrians and bicycles. (Thomas Rousing/ flickr/ cc)

Many cities seek to emulate Singapore, a global financial hub known for its visionary approach to urban planning. So which city does high-tech, disciplined Singapore aspire to be like?

The answer: Copenhagen. Vaidehi Shah writes in that despite Singapore’s many accomplishments, it lags on some livability indexes because it tends to favor skyscrapers and roads over “human-centric” amenities such as bike lanes and walking trails.

By contrast, Copenhagen was named the “World’s Most Liveable City” in 2013 by Monocle magazine for its efforts to prioritize pedestrians and bicyclists. Singapore is taking steps to be more like the Danish capital with a National Cycling Plan that already has introduced bike lanes to two neighborhoods, Tampines and Ang Mo Kio.

During a recent appearance in Singapore, renowned Danish architect and urbanist Jan Gehl told the Centre for Liveable Cities that the city-state is on track to replicate Copenhagen’s approach to urban design.


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