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The pinnacle of urban chic: residences with bicycle garages

Here’s a sign of the times: residential developments that prioritize parking for bicycles over cars. TreeHugger reports that a new residential building in Portland, Oregon, Hassalo on Eighthboasts an underground garage for 1,200 bicycles. The 657 apartments are only allotted 328 parking spaces for automobiles.

A new Toronto condominium with close proximity to mass transit options goes further. The 42-story RMCI Condo offers parking for 315 bikes (one for each unit) but no spaces for cars, the article says.

These bicycle-friendly configurations reflect two trends in North America: reduced car ownership among younger people and increased municipal investment in cycling infrastructure. Portland, named “America’s Best Bike City” in 2012 by Bicycling Magazine, has 319 miles of trails. “This desire to have a bicycle in your life is really starting to dictate the way cities are developing,” Carolyn Szczepanski of the League of American Bicyclists, an advocacy group, tells 



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