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Motorcycle ambulances eyed for Indian cities

For some Indians, an ambulance ride could soon become a hair-raising adventure of a lifetime. The Indian state of Karnataka is exploring the idea of motorcycle ambulances for heavily congested parts of cities, the Times of India reports.

The concept is modeled after a system in London, where agile, two-wheeled motorbike responders ply clogged streets with defibrillators and other life-saving equipment.

The goal is to ensure that emergency teams can reach victims on crowded streets that full-size ambulances can’t navigate. But there are concerns that the bikes treat a symptom that ails Indian cities — congestion — without offering a cure.

One Indian skeptic suggested via Twitter that the ride itself could be unhealthy. “Motorcycle ambulances in Bangalore?” tweeted author Kiran Batni of Karnataka’s capital. “The patient will die of asphyxia on the way to the hospital.”

Times of India

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