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Massive rooftop garden injects green into grey Beirut

The largest rooftop garden in Beirut serves as a model for introducing more greenery into an urban jungle awash with concrete. (Green Studios)

Amid Beirut’s concrete jungle, there’s a hopeful sign that more vegetation will someday take root. Karin Kloosterman reports for Green Prophet that the enormous rooftop garden atop the Central Bank of Beirut offers a model for transforming this grey city into a green one.

The garden, considered the city’s largest, measures 812 square meters (8,740 square feet). It was created by Green Studios, a landscape architecture firm founded in 2009 with offices in Beirut and California.

While some rooftop gardens grow produce, the one atop the bank is largely “ornamental,” the article says. But it does play a role in helping to cleanse the air and cool the building. Most importantly, it serves as a model for introducing gardens into an urban environment that sorely lacks green space. “If Green Studios’ plan becomes contagious there could be hundreds of more rooftops beautifying, cooling and feeding the Lebanese,” Kloosterman writes. 

The garden was the result of a competition held by the UNDP Cedro project. The aim is to encourage other banks, real estate developers and individuals to integrate green and sustainable practices in their projects around Beirut.

In August, Citiscope looked at other grassroots efforts to open more parks in Beirut, as well as to increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of parks.
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