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L.A.’s “e-highway” as revolutionary as the iPhone

An electrified highway to be tested in Los Angeles could serve as a blueprint for cleaner transport in other cities. (Siemens/SCANIA)

Computers. The Internet. Smartphones. Will “e-highways” soon join the list of modern-day disruptive innovations that reshaped our lives?

Nate Berg reports for CityLab that Los Angeles is constructing an “electrified highway” that could revolutionize how freeways are designed. The goal is to eliminate diesel emissions on a route heavily used by tractor-trailers.

The mile-long, experimental road is being built along a stretch connecting the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to downtown L. A., the article says. Beginning in July 2015, the road will be used for a year-long test of four specially outfitted electric trucks that would connect to overhead power lines for energy.

If the test proves successful, the e-highway could be extended three miles to link the ports with a railroad line. There’s even talk of extending the e-highway all 20 miles so that electrified trucks could reach warehouses in downtown L. A. The $13 million project is being designed by Siemens and the South Coast Air Quality Management District


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