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Johannesburg students to live in shipping containers atop grain silos

More than a few parents of Johannesburg college students likely reacted with shock when they heard the news. Their children are being housed in grain silos.

To overcome a shortage of student housing, Joburg has converted unused grain silos into dorms and stacked shipping containers on top to provide extra space, Designboom reports.

It turns out there’s no need for parental concern. The silos and containers have been modified into comfortable housing that includes study areas, libraries, computer rooms and lounges, the article says. In fact, some dorm rooms have balconies, and most feature spectacular views.

Johannesburg isn’t the only city to find new uses for grain silos. Shanghai Daily reported in December that Shanghai’s Pudong district planned to transform vacant warehouses and two silos into a cultural district replete with art galleries, theaters and a hotel. 


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