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Joburg aims to be one of Africa’s greenest cities

Johnannesburg skyline (Neil Wigmore/ Shutterstock)

Southern Africa’s largest metropolis aims to be one of the continent’s greenest cities. Michelle Nel reports on allAfrica that Johannesburg is taking action to promote cleaner forms of energy and environmentally conscious steps such as recycling.

The city is exploring the idea of “mining” methane gas from landfills and converting it to electricity. Waste-to-energy programs are planned that would burn trash to generate power, but the idea is controversial and opposed by Greenpeace, the article says.

The city is beginning to install solar heating units for homes and smart meters that encourage homeowners to use energy more efficiently, such as during off-peak hours. It also has debuted hybrid buses that run on diesel and natural gas, and may introduce biogas-powered taxis.

Underscoring Joburg’s commitment to a cleaner environment, the city has joined Addis Ababa, Cairo and Lagos as a member of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a network of megacities that seeks to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions that contribute to climate change. 


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