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Innovative Surat is new model for India’s cities

Surat’s successful energy, waste, water and e-government policies are a model for other cities in India. (Ronhjones/wikimedia commons/cc) []

There is only one Surat in India, but expect to see the city’s most successful innovations replicated across the country. Himansshu Bhatt reports for the Times of India that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants 300 other cities to adopt Surat’s best ideas.

A renewable energy program that features solar rooftops and public-private partnerships on solid waste disposal are among the strategies to be adopted elsewhere. Other cities also would mimic Surat’s wastewater treatment and e-governance mobile app, the article says.

Surat generates 36 percent of its electricity from environmentally friendly sources that include biogas and wind power. It also wins plaudits for reuse of water and door-to-door collection of refuse, a service taken for granted in the West but often unavailable in developing cities.

Flood-prone Surat is participating in the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities initiative to strengthen its defenses against climate change. Read more about that effort here.

Times of India

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