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Dijon promotes joie de vivre for seniors

To make its trams friendly to seniors, Dijon raised platforms to be level with tram entrances and reduced the number of steps. (Leonid Andronov/Shutterstock)

Dijon, the culinary capital of France, emphasizes physical activity and social interaction as essential ingredients for healthy senior lifestyles. To encourage its burgeoning elderly population to be more active, the city is increasing outdoor public seating and making it easier to board trams, Gaëlle Dupont writes in the Guardian

Traditional approaches to aging have included assisting seniors with meal delivery and providing home health aides and retirement facilities. Dijon’s approach is different. It wants to provide seniors with more incentives to leave their homes, where they’re susceptible to being sedentary and isolated.

To accommodate elderly citizens, the city’s covered market added fold-down seats. A trial program shuttles seniors to and from the market and assists them with shopping. Public chairs in the city center include armrests to make it easier for older residents to get back up. To make the trams more senior-friendly, platforms were raised so they’re level with tram entrances and steps were reduced systemwide. 


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