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Co-working spaces drive urban innovation

Collaborative work environments like STGO MakerSpace in Santiago, Chile help foster entrepreneurs with bold ideas. (STGO MakerSpace)

What’s a cost-effective way for cities to reinvent themselves? Introduce co-working spaces. Victor Mulas, innovation specialist for the World Bank, argues in a blog post that collaborative work environments should be viewed as a form of urban innovation. 

“I believe that collaboration spaces are, in fact, one of the key elements to create and grow urban innovation ecosystems in cities,” Mulas asserts. More than just desk space, these venues emphasize shared resources, mentoring and educational opportunities. They also serve as “accelerators” for budding entrepreneurs with risky or bold ideas.

To underscore his point, Mulas lists examples of shared workplaces that are sprouting around the globe. Nairobi’s GearBox will serve as an incubator and hub for the city’s tech community. Other examples include FabLab Barcelona, which offers workshops and a kids lab, and Santiago MakerSpace in Chile’s capital and largest city.

World Bank

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