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Car-free day eases Jakarta’s gridlock

Each Sunday morning, Jakarta closes its main roads to tens of thousands of pedestrians, bikers and joggers. (Brianna Laugher/flickr/cc)

The traffic is so congested in Jakarta that there are fears of total gridlock that paralyzes the entire city. Thankfully, Car Free Day, held every Sunday morning, is helping to avoid that commuter nightmare. 

Sita Dewi reports for The Jakarta Post that the closure of main roads in the Indonesian capital draws tens of thousands of strollers, joggers, cyclists, dog walkers and other fresh-air enthusiasts.

It’s also spawned a carnival-like atmosphere as local businesses take advantage of the crowds to push products and services.  Now there are grumblings about a new form of congestion: too many commercial booths and stages in pedestrian areas.

Car Free Day brings Jakartans together in other ways, the article says. A variety of groups, from peaceful protesters to the disabled, assemble during the event. To keep the day exhaust-free, generators and other machines that pollute are strictly banned.

The Jakarta Post

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