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Bold designs hint at future of urban farms


A tree-shaped skyscraper that grows crops, generates renewable electricity and cleans polluted city air — simultaneously. Floating vertical farms that nourish urban populations in densely packed cities tight on space.

These are some of the ideas featured in recent articles about designs for urban farming, a concept still in its infancy. Stu Robarts writes in Gizmag about a proposal for a tree-shaped skyscraper that would provide space to grow crops in cramped cities such as Seoul. The structure’s “trunk” leads to eight vertical “branches” that are used for food production. See the sketches here.

Meanwhile, Adele Peters reports in Fast Company on a pitch for floating farms to be located in the harbors off Singapore. The towering structures would grow food for the tiny city-state, which lacks land for traditional farms.  “A network of sensors would monitor crops and communicate in real time with networks in the city,” the article says. 


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