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Architects pitch pedestrian arcade atop arch of Stockholm bridge

Stockholm’s Traneberg Bridge would be a walker’s paradise in a vision put forward by a Swedish design firm. Scott Kelly reports on The Architect’s Newspaper blog that Visiondivision wants to add a pedestrian path atop the bridge’s long concrete arch and below its roadway.  

Pedestrians now cross on sidewalks alongside heavily trafficked lanes. In the firm’s sketches, walkers would navigate a series of passageways and stairs rising up over the Tranebergssund River. 

Beyond serving a utilitarian function, the pedestrian crossing would provide an opportunity to browse vendor kiosks on the passageway’s landings. Stairs would double as seating for art and film projects, with the river providing a scenic backdrop for gatherings.

The bridge connects Stockholm with a suburb. The proposal conjures London’s planned pedestrian-only Garden Bridge across the Thames that is scheduled for completion in 2017.

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