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Jakarta faces 2014 traffic paralysis

New policies are urgently needed to curb vehicle ownership in Jakarta. (VasenkaPhotography/flickr/cc)

Jakarta faces permanent traffic gridlock by 2014 without “extreme” steps to address congestion, a  spokesman for the city police department tells the Jakarta Post.  As Indonesia’s capital and largest city (population 10 million), Jakarta is seen as beyond capacity for private ownership of two- and four-wheeled vehicles. 

Eco-Business, a news site that covers the Asia Pacific region, reports that in Jakarta, per-year growth of new vehicles on roads averages 11.26 percent, while roadway expansion averages a paltry .01 percent.

The city administration is investing  Rp 1 trillion (US $88 million) in its 2014 budget for public transportation’s conversion to natural gas, Eco-Business says. 

The Jakarta Post

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