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Double-deck Brisbane tunnel to feature rail, bus lanes

No one would accuse Brisbane city planners of thinking small. On Nov. 17, Australia’s third-largest city announced plans for a massive, 5 km (3.1 mile) underground, two-deck tunnel that it touts as the world’s first to combine rail and bus transit.

Brisbane Underground Bus and Train, scheduled to open in 2021, would feature three stations, according to transportation officials with the state of Queensland. The tunnel would traverse the Brisbane River and more than double the number of buses and trains that now cross by bridge. Commute times would be reduced by up to 15 minutes and about 200 buses would be moved from city streets to below ground during peak travel periods. 

The Brisbane Times reports that the tunnel would cost $5 billion Australian ($4.6 billion U. S.). The project received attention in a Next City article about transport innovations on three continents. 

Queensland Government

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