Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

A delegation led by Mayor John Tory visited Tel Aviv and Ramallah to learn about fostering a startup culture, according to the City of Toronto.

December 1, 2016

A new Accessible Cycling Complex backed by the municipality features access to disabled-friendly bike lanes, the Times of Israel reports. 

August 1, 2016
Entrepreneurs without offices already love libraries for the free Wi-Fi. At 'The Library', they get much more than that.
Gregory Scruggs October 16, 2015
With Israel home to a red-hot tech scene, digital options for public engagement dominated most — but not all — of the Tel Aviv-hosted thematic meeting.
Gregory Scruggs September 11, 2015
Israel’s tech capital is working on improving the way citizens interact with city departments.
Jesse Fox April 22, 2015

Ready for an egg-shaped two-seater that hurtles through the city on a maglev track? It’s coming, reports World Architecture News.


January 14, 2014
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