With outposts in three informal settlements, Access Afya is a new model for delivering health services close to where people live and work.
Justus Wanzala November 16, 2017
It remains unclear whether countries will pay for UN-Habitat to coordinate implementation of the New Urban Agenda.
Gregory Scruggs May 25, 2017
Countries “signaled” that UN-Habitat would be given a coordination mandate for the Habitat III strategy — but contingent on assessment.
Gregory Scruggs May 15, 2017
“World Urban Forum 9 will be the place to craft this whole reporting process,” said one advocate.
Gregory Scruggs May 11, 2017
On most issues, this week’s Governing Council meeting is in wait-and-see mode.
Gregory Scruggs May 10, 2017
Next week’s biennial gathering of the agency’s board is garnering far more attention than usual.
Gregory Scruggs May 5, 2017

A mobile app will help Nairobi residents avoid dangerous areas and city leaders boost crime prevention, the Daily Nation reports. 

September 8, 2016

The aid organization wants to deepen roots in the Global South, but critics think NGOs should hire more locals and pay them better, Oxfam and Quartz say.

August 15, 2016

Kibera residents can purchase affordable water and access clean restrooms, laundry and other services, according to the Cal Alumni Association, UC Berkeley.

July 7, 2016
The Quito conference “could be a significant occasion for identifying ways of responding” to problems of urban poverty and inequality, the pontiff said in Nairobi.
Gregory Scruggs December 1, 2015
The Urban Thinkers Campus that took place in the city on 15-16 October took unique effort to ensure deep participation.
Vincent Ng’ethe November 9, 2015
In an interview with Citiscope, Kenya's most prominent local leader offers a critique and a defense of the country's experiment with handing power to local governments.
Christopher Swope October 29, 2015

The machines dispense potable water at a fraction of the cost available elsewhere, Design Indaba reports. 

September 17, 2015

Ten university students spent four months riding private buses to create the map, which is now available via Google Maps, Wired reports.

September 2, 2015
An upgrading program in a notorious Nairobi slum has taken more than a decade, but is helping to change Africa's conversation about how to handle informal urban neighborhoods.
Gregory Scruggs August 7, 2015

The city council would better integrate sidewalks, footpaths, bike lanes and green space into transport planning, reports. 

July 16, 2015

IBM has equipped trash trucks in Nairobi with technology that gathers statistics on everything from road conditions to driver routes, Mail & Guardian Africa reports. 

July 9, 2015
Aromar Revi delivers frank keynote address to the UN-Habitat Governing Council.
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