Citiscope Contributors

Citiscope Contributors

Engaging local journalists in the cities we cover worldwide is a key element of Citiscope’s mission. If you’re a journalist and want to write for us about innovation in your city, read these guidelines.

Susana Alcaide is a writer based in Barcelona.

Ignacio Amigo is a Spanish freelance writer based in São Paulo. A former scientist, he now writes about science, technology and sustainability.

AZM Anas is an economic editor at The Financial Express, a Dhaka-based business newspaper. 

Ana Arana is an investigative journalist with extensive international experience. A former U. S. foreign correspondent, Arana was director of Fundación MEPI, an investigative journalism project in Mexico that promoted investigations that cross borders with the United States and Central America.

Nate Berg is a freelance journalist based in Los Angeles who covers cities, architecture, design and technology.

Carey is news editor for Citiscope. 

Gabriele Booth is a freelance journalist in Mannheim, Germany.

Carina Borgström Hansson is senior advisor on footprint and cities at WWF, where she has worked since 2005. As a member WWF’s international footprint steering group, she has pioneered the development of strategic approaches to reduce humanity’s ecological footprint, including approaching the accelerating destruction of biodiversity and ecosystem services in WWF’s priority places by engaging with drivers far beyond these places, such as urbanization and consumer attitudes and lifestyles. In 2011 she initiated WWF’s international city initiative, with a focus on mobilizing cities in the development of low-carbon urban solutions for attractive, equitable and sustainable lifestyles.

Brendon Bosworth is a correspondent for Citiscope based in Cape Town.

Ryan Lenora Brown is an independent reporter based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Frances Bula is a Vancouver-based journalist who has been covering city politics and urban issues in the region for 20 years. 

Eugene Byrne is an author and freelance journalist in Bristol specializing in current affairs and history. He edits a weekly local history section for the Bristol Post newspaper.

Nigel Campbell is a features writer for the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian newspaper covering music, entertainment business, and popular culture.  

Carlin Carr is an urban development professional interested in innovative ideas for social change.

Athlyn is a freelance journalist writing on sustainability, community resilience and architecture in cities, whose work is regularly published by The Guardian

Frances Heewon Cha is a digital producer at CNN Digital.

Sumit Chakraberty is an independent writer based in Bangalore.

Patralekha Chatterjee is a correspondent for Citiscope based in Delhi. She is an award-winning journalist and columnist who has written extensively on Asian cities.

Grace Chua is an award-winning journalist who covers science and the environment, from national climate change policy to community anti-littering projects.

Maria Clara Valencia is a journalist and professional in literary studies based in Colombia with broad experience in print and broadcast media. Maria Clara is currently a full-time journalism professor at Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar in Cartagena de Indias, and she works as a freelancer for media from Colombia and overseas, mainly writing about environmental issues.

Simone is a Rome-based journalist who covers innovation, sustainability and urban issues.  

Aminatou Mouhamed Diop is the former chief editor of the Senegal daily Le Quotidien.

Sergio Elguezábal is a journalist based in Buenos Aires. For 19 years he produced and hosted TN Ecología, a TV show on environmental issues. Currently he is environment and sustainability editor on Buenos Aires public radio, and teaches in CELAP, the Latin American Center for Journalists based in Panama.

Ben Ezeamalu is metro editor at Premium Times in Lagos, Nigeria.

Amy is a freelance journalist based in Kampala who works regularly for AFP and Inter Press Service.

Alyssa Fischer is an associate at the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities in Washington, D. C. There, she leads the center’s work on global agreement influence and implementation, especially in supporting countries and cities with connecting the New Urban Agenda to their wider development goals.

Jesse Fox is an urban planner and journalist based in Jaffa, Israel.

Elias Gebreselassie is an Addis Ababa-based journalist reporting on economic and social issues.

Justin Gerdes is an independent journalist specializing in energy issues based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the author of “Quitting Carbon: How Denmark Is Leading the Clean Energy Transition and Winning the Race to the Low-Carbon Future.” 

Emilio Godoy is a Mexico-based journalist who covers the environment, human rights and sustainable development. He has been a journalist since 1996 and has written for various media outlets in Mexico, Central America, Spain and Belgium. In 2012, he won the Journalistic Prize on Green Economy and Sustainable Development.

Sarah Goodyear is a contributor to Atlantic Cities and Next City who writes about cities and how they work.

Alok Gupta is a Hong Kong-based freelance journalist who specializes in environment and development issues.

Flavie Halais is a freelance journalist based in Montréal who covers cities and international social issues. She is currently reporting on the economic impact of refugee crises through her project #RefugeeEconomics.

David Hatch is a correspondent for Citiscope. 

Birgit Heitfeld is a Berlin-based freelance journalist.

Curtis Johnson is Citiscope’s executive director.

Stephanie Johnston is a former book publisher turned town and country planner who writes for a number of publications including a+u, Historic Environment, Australian Garden History, The Adelaide Review, SA Life and Fleurieu Living Magazine.

Yoyce A. Jones was an assistant editor with Citiscope.  

Maya Kaneko is an editor and reporter for the English news service of the World Services Section of Kyodo News, a leading Japanese news agency. 

Tidiane Kassé is a media consultant and former Senegal country director with the International Center for Journalists.

David Killick is a Christchurch-based freelance journalist and photographer who edits the At Home magazine for The Press newspaper. He also writes a weekly column called Design Matters.

Amy Labarrière is a freelance writer and editor based in Paris, France.

Connor Macdonald is a Yangon-based journalist. He writes about development, human rights, politics and migration. 

Johnny Magdaleno is a Next City equitable cities fellow for 2016-2017. He is a journalist, writer and photographer who focuses on human rights issues. 

Mahim Maher is the city editor at The Express Tribune, a daily national newspaper in Pakistan.

Neil McMahon is a freelance journalist based in Melbourne.  

Timothy Misir is a journalist working between Moscow and Singapore. 

Charles Mkula is a journalist who has worked for a number of newspapers and magazines in Malawi since 1998. 


Anny Osabutey is a senior broadcast journalist at Joyfm, one of Ghana’s leading private radio stations.

Neal Peirce is the founder and editor-in-chief of Citiscope.

Vitor Pereira is a writer, blogger and editor based in Portugal. He is head of strategy at Conteudo Chave (Key Content), a communication, innovation and creative agency, and a delegate for the Smart City Business Institute.

Amantha Perera is a journalist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He writes for a variety of international outlets concentrating on humanitarian, climate and post-conflict issues.

Farley Peters is Citiscope’s deputy editor.

Nabila Rahhal writes for Executive magazine, which covers business and economic issues in Lebanon and the Middle East. 

Letty is a freelance journalist who writes stories about cities and the people inhabiting them. 

Marcela is a Quito-based Journalist and writer. She has written pieces for magazines and newspapers in Ecuador and in other countries, including Soho, Mundo Diners and The Guardian. In 2014, she published her first book, a collection of short stories called “Matrioskas.”

Gabriela is an editorial assistant with Citiscope.

Kristie Robinson is the founder of The Argentina Independent, an English-language newspaper in Buenos Aires. 

Marc Rogers is a multimedia journalist based in Buenos Aires.

Julie Ruvolo is a freelance writer and editor of Riochromatic, a collection of photo essays on Rio culture.


Nadja Sayej is a Berlin-based journalist. She writes for The Guardian, The New York Times and The Economist​.

Keith Schneider is senior editor and chief correspondent for Circle of Blue, a news organization that reports on the global contest between water, energy, and food in the era of climate change. He has reported on ecology, economy, and policy on six continents.

Gregory Scruggs is a senior correspondent for Citiscope.

Saransh Sehgal is an independent journalist based in Vienna who writes about science, technology and society. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Christian Science Monitor, IRIN and The Diplomat, among other publications.

Leão Serva is a columnist who writes on urban issues for the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper.

Wade Shepard is the author of Ghost Cities of China and is currently working on a book about China’s efforts to build trade ties with Europe and central Asia along the “New Silk Road.” 

Shruti is a recent graduate from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture in Mumbai. She writes about architecture and travel. 

Olli Sulopuisto is a Helsinki-based freelance reporter.

Christopher Swope is managing editor of Citiscope.

David Thorpe is a journalist, consultant, workshop leader and speaker in the fields of carbon-free energy, energy efficiency and sustainability.  

Alex Ulam is a journalist who focuses on architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning issues and housing.

Marcela Valente is a Buenos Aires-based writer for the Spanish newspaper El Correo de Bilbao and is a regular contributor with the Argentine newspaper Ámbito.

Anna Valmero is a freelance journalist based in Manila. 

Eduardo is a Quito-based journalist, writer and journalism teacher. He has written pieces for many newspapers in Ecuador and also has collaborated with The Guardian. In 2010, he published his first novel, “Los descosidos.”

Sulev Vedler is deputy editor at Postimees, Estonia’s largest daily newspaper.

Imelda Visaya Abano is the founder and president of the Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists.

Justus Wanzala is a Kenyan freelance journalist and a postgraduate student of development studies. He writes extensively on sustainable development, climate change and science policy, as well urban and rural development.

Yong Yen Nie is a writer and editor based in Kuala Lumpur.

Stephanie and Yvonne are a journalist and photographer team telling original stories about emerging cities through a video, print and audio project, Future Cities.

Selma Zijlstra is journalist who focuses on global development and works as an editor for Vice Versa, a Dutch platform for reporting on global issues. 

Annemarie is an editor and journalist based in Copenhagen mainly working with subjects related to politics, green technologies and society.